About me

My name is Lichun Tseng. I am an artist from Taiwan who is living and working in the Netherlands since 2007. I received my MFA in AKV/St-Joos in 2009. I have practiced calligraphy since 1989, moreover, the practice of calligraphy and research of Eastern philosophy and art stimulate me a lot for my artistic field. In 2010, I founded beyond the beyond, a studio in Rotterdam, which focuses on creativity and Taoism in art and film production and research as well as offering courses and workshops.

My works reflect upon the integral totality of time and 'suchness' in experiencing one's life, aiming to present it in rhythms of slowness and tranquility, revealing the passage of moments in time. The works are inspirited and influenced by Eastern philosophy and art - the rhythm of moving and still, the concept of void and reality, the relation between one's inner and outer state of mind.

Therefore, I teach Chinese calligraphy and ink-painting in combination with meditative and creative exercises. In between Void and Reality, I invite you to come and recreate your inner and outer landscapes.